Construction services


To expand your market share, you need the most reliable source of knowledge on building projects, period. The large ones, the small ones, the public ones and the private ones, they all push business development. Finding the best projects, working with the right builders and subcontractors, and securing the job are all critical components of your performance as a construction services company.


From digital product innovation through complete market integration, our experience is rooted in technology. Our innovation services provide the foundation for making technology work around the organization. Ascher Construction product creation and quality assurance professionals oversee all aspects of software installation, setup, and testing.

Pre-construction services

Pre-construction facilities are where it all begins. There are a host of activities and concerns that the team can investigate as soon as the journey towards a new construction project starts. Simply put, this is the stage at which an idea develops into a proposal and the functional implications of the vision under consideration are examined.


The design-build approach has recently gotten a lot of press. Using the same people do both planning and development will help the project run more smoothly and reduce risk. Furthermore, connecting the design and development phases will assist you in gaining a greater understanding of the possible problems that which arise during the construction period. That's cool.

Plan with confidence

The most active construction services professionals depend on data and estimates to prepare for near-term market goals as well as long-term progress. A longer-term perspective is ensured by access to both historical building records and multi-year projections. Ascher Construction offers forecasting and demand analysis with its extensive historical research and industry-leading, market-driven predictions.

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